2020 Indiana Wine Fair

6404 State Road 135 S.

Nashville, IN 47448

(812) 988-2273


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Indiana Wine Fair®
6404 South State Road 135 - Nashville, IN 47448
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2017 Wine Fair Footage by Ebel Media


450 North Brewing Company                                        

Bear Wallow Distillery


Buck Creek Winery


Cardinal Spirits                                                               

Carousel Winery                                                             

Cedar Creek Winery 

Chateau Thomas Winery

Country Hertiage 


Ertel Cellars Winery


Fruitshine Wine  


Gnarly Grove Hard Cider        

Hard Truth Distilling Co. 



Harmony Winery


Holtkamp Winery

Hooker Corner Winery

Huber Winery

Madison County Winery

Monkey Hollow Winery


Patoka Lake Winery

Quaff ON! Brewing

Simmons Winery

Salt Creek Winery

Starlight Distillery

Whyte Horse Winery


Winzerwald Winery

Windy Knoll Winery




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